Inspiration 16

Moving Away From Mother Earth: the Weaknesses


We as spirits living a material form, departing from a material vision, know nothing but space time and matter. With the filognostic vision though, one sees, in a wider perspective, space for the realization of our vision, a time of living with a purpose and a cause to the material form. The full diversity of filognostic realization offers a variety of existence that with its morality can lead the entire planet back to a more natural, secure position wherein the worst of our collective and individual problems will dissolve. That what stands in the way of this realization of general human progress are our weaknesses. They are defined as a vicious circle of animal propensities, leading to imperfections that eventually grow into vices that will constitute many natural propensities like mental and physical diseases that on their turn pollute the social mind with less reasonable and more emotional personal states of distress that then again further strengthen our animal propensities. Thus we may spiral down in madness, dictatorship and infatuation, when we are missing the human mission of maintaining the creation by overcoming our weaknesses. Only with respect for Father Time and Mother nature we, as their children, can curb this and be part of the truth of the lasting spiritual happiness and united consciousness of the Divine Person of Nature.

To the materialist there is nothing but space, time and matter. To the filognostic person there is the culture of knowing concerning this concept of reality, the Reality of the Greater Person. The materialist looks outside and sees nothing but what he sees. The filognostic person of self-realization next to that is also aware of the one he is himself, the witness, the soul that has a spirit, the one who is alive and has control over and is responsible for a form.

The filognostic vision offers an extra dimension of meaning. Where there is matter he sees form with a cause, where there is time he sees life with a purpose and where there is space he finds spirit with a free will. All three together constitute for him the integrity of the Complete Reality of the Person, the actual meaning of creation. Looking within himself, the inner space, the materialist sees emptiness, but the person of self-realization sees timeless consciousness, personality and potential. Outer space is for him the room that is offered to engage meaningfully with the toolbox of all the means, the fortune, conducive for attaining the Person of Both the Inner and Outer Reality, He who offers the knowledge, continuity, connectedness and happiness of the full absorption in Him. The person of filognosy has a strong desire to be part of His manifestation and to delight in His glory by devotional activities that bring the people together in peace and prosperity. His motive is to become happy by making others happy, whereas the materialist is motivated by acquiring and possessing, by making himself happy in neglect of both the others and the spiritual dimension.
In the previous Inspiration we arrived at the insight that the common alienation everybody experiences with other persons in the outside world undermines the belief in oneself and in the Person of the Ultimate Self one always desires to approach as good as one can. Also the alienation of the materialist relative to the filognostic person as described above constitutes a serious hindrance on the path of global peace, wellbeing and prosperity. Therefore we strive for the promulgation of this knowledge and its practices. There should be a chance for everyone to learn about it, even if they do not directly ask for it. Also the right to say no is a human right that must not be denied by secrecy. For who can know what he is missing not having learned about it? It is a matter of duty to share also one's existential wealth with others and care about them, remaining free from the imposition that is so popular among materialist politicians, as we mentioned earlier Inspirations 6 and 13. Happiness is only just and right when it is shared to the best of one's ability. And for that purpose it should, partly, be sacrificed. Good company is important, but with a selfish motive, it is not that good at all and will even spoil.
We spoke - in Inspiration 8 - of the theist, the gnostic and the spiritual person as the typical believers of religion, of self-realization and of transcendence. The materialist opposes them with atheism, agnosticism and rationalism. In filognosy taking a closer look at this problem of alienation we see that these 'other, estranged people', 'these materialists' are just like us in an earlier stage, even though they cannot see it that way. Of course we are proud to be ourself in whatever stage of our life. One may begin one's life as a religious person and gradually become a hardened rationalistic scientist not so much believing anymore in the 'primitive' religious approach. But the other way around it can also happen. Progress in this filognostic knowing is not that linear, progress is not an absolute term in this. Time only moves ahead, but we move in all directions. A scientist discovering the miraculous nature of His Complete Wealth may become religious and suddenly understand the reason for doing prayers and meditations. He may discover that it is all about becoming complete and not so much about exchanging this position or outlook for that one. A spiritual person just as well, because of disappointments in his spiritual life, may become a scientist only believing in proof or become a skeptic philosopher moved by fundamental doubt. By whatever evolution one approaches the complete of this philosophy of meaning, one will sooner or later discover to have evolved and attained in an illusory manner when one has not gained in filognostic completeness. A scientist learning to meditate after  discovering how beneficial it is to turn his attention inwards regularly will still be a scientist. A philosopher feeling attracted to the transcendental position that turns out to be the only way to be in control of his mind after all his exercises of thought, will still be a philosopher, a better one even. Filognosy thus is not about becoming this or that agent of a preferred form of intelligence. One rather is encouraged to arrive at the notion of freely moving around in a filognostic building of, as said in the previous Inspiration, 3456 identity positions, to which each may find his way in life without having to put the other person down as being lesser or more primitive. Going to the top of the building one may have the feeling of progressing enormously, while going down some floors in the building one the same way may have the feeling of finally step by step getting grounded in life properly. What counts is the accumulation of experience and the non-repression of the lessons learned. This attainment of completion, of full absorption in Him, also in practice, is the filognostic marvel of finding oneself in a game that offers endless possibilities and adventures in self-realization.

Self-realization the filognostic way, the comprehensive way, might be the solution for all our human problems, but some may remark that such a presentation of reality would be just another matrix. That building could be a fantasy we would have erected, while meanwhile the earth is more and more weakened and saddened losing all her glory of life and happiness. We culturally can imagine ourselves to be the way we want. You can become whatever you want. But are we aware of the price we are paying when we are engaged in just another form of cultural selfishness? Are we really connected with the Great Person of the complete of Nature? That is the point. We need a culture of knowledge that stands the test of time. Not another culture that falls down again in having reached its limits of exploiting others, animals, plants and the planet earth. From our first inspirations on we said that the decay, the sadness of mother earth is the problem and that the filognostic integrity of religion, gnosis and spirituality constitutes the solution for our one-sided materialist options. But apparently in our estranged positions opposed by all kinds of materialism we are constantly weakened in our human unity. We seem to be filognostically just another -ism, even though we do not like to see it that way. Not to fall in this trap of a fake alternative we must be aware of the vicious circle of weaknesses by which we in our material motives tend to spiral down, away from the natural harmony of mother nature, falling into a dark pit of obsessions where no light is seen anymore, no way out is found. So we question ourselves for the reason of this circle of sadness. Are we in our gnostic realization not religious enough maybe and thus see everything go down in our unwillingness to sacrifice for the common good? Are we too egoistical in our marriages perhaps, too easily separating again at the cost of the children? Is our educational system too much directed at material results rather than at developing human qualities? Has our intellect corrupted for the sake of power and wealth, instead of serving the emancipation of all? Is it Democracy 1.0 that ruins our faith in an never ending world wide political quarrel? Or are we simply of too many bad habits in drinking and eating the wrong stuff and debilitating our brains and bodies by for instance becoming electrosmog zombies without a heart for - and presence with - each other? Are we too sexual and infatuated maybe with a false physical happiness or, the other way around, are we all caught in a chilling celibacy fighting for a false notion of love, honor, intelligence, ego and pride? Evidently we, in case of being caught in these matters, have moved away from - and have lost the harmony with - nature, mother nature who would be the perfection of the manifest unity in diversity, who feeds and maintains us all and grants all species of animal, plant and man a unique individual and social ecological life. The final filognostic answer to these many questions is that we, in that case, have lost touch with the Original Person of Completeness within ourselves and the Greatest Cosmic Person of All Quantity outside of us, for He is not that directly recognized as a person in being the manifest of nature, complete with all other planets and universes.

Missing the filognostic meaning of the Cosmic Absolute of Him, His revelation in our lives as discussed in Inspiration 11, we are easily caught in a form of despair that compares to a dog running after its own tail. From the animal propensities we all have of sleeping, eating, mating and fighting, we arrive at human imperfections like erring denying, lying, and cheating, because in the animal position we are quickly overwhelmed by illusion in forgetfulness about our human talents. We use our talents for the wrong material purpose when we caught in the ego of 'I' and 'mine' forget to seek stability in meditatively looking inside for our satisfaction, peace and control. We then as human beings fall for vices characterized by projections in the outside world like envy, anger, possessiveness, false pride, deception and lust. Our free will without the limitations of His Personal Lead, can corrupt into willful acts against others, at the cost of others, wherein we forget them as constituting a part of ourselves, while being caught in the clutches of material life. This misery of being bad with others leads to further personal decay and disharmony with one's nature, which expresses itself in the form of natural impediments like disease, lack of self-control, dejection, psychic instability, carelessness, misperception, doubt, laziness and pain. Here faced with the symptoms of disharmony one has lost track with its causes, seeing everything obscure and unconnected with feelings of being oneself a victim, meanwhile forgetting that just before that one has violated the golden rule of acknowledging one's self-interest in that of others. The dictum 'do good meet good' is easily forgotten. With many people who ignorant about the filognostic culture of knowledge end up in this predicament of human error and mishap, the social mind is polluted. Collectively one then starts imagining oneself an enemy for instance, a scapegoat, or pretends to be better than the other culture, or excludes others and/or discriminates others for their sexual preference, their color of skin or their class of birth, or politically colors all media presentations in a war of propaganda, or rationalizes everything away that reminds one of one's collective failures and thus runs into a state of a total misperception of reality. One individually may become a neurotic person, a head case full of paranoid false causality, or collectively a confused nation with an identity crisis after the social failure to keep up appearances in the authority conflict of the greater cultural neurosis one couldn't get rid of. Then, finally one is completely ruled by one's emotions. The mode of passion defeated one's goodness and reason was enslaved by attachment, by the false preference of, for instance, loving one's own partner only with the neglect of all the others. Ignorance takes over, one looses one's intelligence, one's freedom of understanding, because one, having become too fuzzy of mind and too complicated in one's neurosis, cannot focus on any written or spoken text anymore. All possible acquisition of knowledge has become impossible. A great aversion has taken over, having fallen in disbelief in total estrangement even from oneself. Based on emotions all conversations suffer from opinionated ego so that one is not capable of listening anymore. In the end, at the bottom of the dark pit of life, having lost all love in life, one is overcome by fear for life itself. Individually one runs into despair and mental illness that way and collectively into likewise political and economic crises and warfare for having lost all human reason. From the emotional state one in fact has fallen back in the animal state so that the entire process starts all over again, in an never ending spiral going down in darkness.

When we describe what happened it sounds like a complicated mathematical formula.  With our eyes turned to the outside world, we, from the constancy of the meditated and meditative eternal self - our original truth, first of all fell down to a material conservatism motivated for maintaining our material ego position, that on its turn fell down in infatuated and ignorant attachment. Secondly, the stability of consciousness lacking in gnosis, became a materialist spirit motivated for creating a cultural world to our desire, that on its turn lacking in consistency, in coherence, ultimately turned into a false, passioned pride in the dictatorship of a political and/or religious identity. Thrirdly the blissful happiness of being serene and free was lost in a culture of straying away from the natural order that, lacking in soulfulness, landed in destruction because of a neglect of duties unto that nature, that on its turn finally resulted in mental illness, a deluded state of being caught in a perverted imagination of our good quality, while failing to communicate fairly and properly, or - in one word - in madness. From the qualities of the Person of the Original Complete, of the Divinity of the Original Coherence, we, with this negative trinity so to say, ran into the material clutches of the three natural qualities in their interactive function, whereupon the shadow of those divine qualities overtook us with its shades of madness, dictatorship and infatuation. This process of factual depersonalization is the way of decay, of disintegrating, wherein people individually and collectively end up with themselves upon the neglect of the personal motive, the integrity of the trinity as discussed in Inspiration 2. Once that downhill movement happens it is difficult to curb the process of moral personal and social decay and find one's way back to the light of knowledge and real progress. The vicious circle of human weakness must be broken, the falsehood of one's pride must be defeated and the way back must be found in emancipation and transcendence.
This can only be achieved by restoring one's respect for the person of good qualities one is oneself and for the Ideal of Oneself, who is the Supreme Person of All Human Glory. The trauma's of the nightmares we had in warfare and crime must be overcome. With fighting the dominance of animal propensities, imperfections and vices and overcoming natural impediments, a negative social mind and bewildering personal emotions, one must individually and collectively heal, recover and restore one's original personal and cultural integrity. This all requires a great change of paradigm, a fundamental change in the way we think about ourselves and the world. Stuck with the old ways because of missing this purpose philosophy of filognosy, we as individuals may experience a crisis in life and likewise collectively, as mankind in its entirety, also may have a deep crisis, that consists of a complex of crises, with similar mental and physical symptoms. Of course, to recover from this involves not just another way of thinking, another philosophy, it demands also an active engagement with basic values, basic principles, a proper sense of reality and with virtues. It is a form of behavioral change that politically cannot be enforced or imposed by law. Behavioral change can only be stimulated, encouraged and reinforced with a properly meditated behavioral plan in all respect and full understanding for our psychological humanity. Together these demands of value, principle, reality and virtue stand for the original harmony of mother nature, our local, planetary notion of the Grand Person of All. We know and love her as being reliable, benevolent, caring, loving, inspiring, enticing, tolerant, warm, nurturing, versatile, good, and many more beautiful character traits we also find in human beings in harmony. In the shadows we see also the shadow of mother nature's character with her periods of thunder and rain, storms, lightning, earth quakes floods, plagues and volcanic eruptions. But that is how women are, they have their period as a sign of their fertility. We love her nevertheless, for following her good qualities, being vowed to her good nature,  culturally constitutes one's re-entry into the building of filognosy one moved away from by living in the shadows. Moving away from Mother Nature, the greater Person outside oneself and also moving away from Father Time, the Ruler of All Matter we respect with calendars and clocks, from Him, the One who as our fourth dimension in matter always escapes from our scientific and philosophical scrutiny and whom we, just as well, could not properly accept and respect anymore in all our creative cultural ego schemes and schedules, we have become like orphans with lesser chances in life. We need to realize that we are the children of this Mother Nature and this Father Time and that we will regain our individual and collective health and planetwide well-being only, if we restore our respect for these good natural primal parents.

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 1, Chapter 16

The Person

De Persoon

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