Inspiration 18

Devotion and the Curse Without


Finding our way with the filognostic approach of covering the dominant conceptions of human intelligence, virtue and conduct, there may be an ego of identifying with this purpose philosophy as a devotee of the Supreme Person of All Culture. Ego ships with likes and dislikes, sympathies and antipathies, love and hate, peace and war. Should we fear such an ego? The complacency of hiding away in a spiritual heaven only, is not the way evidently. Thus we as meditators still have to take a stand for the cause and make a difference in society. Politically we want a different democracy, philosophically we want the meaning of the personal priority. Scientifically we would like to propose a new paradigm while in the arts and the educational setting we would like to express our love for and knowledge of the person, also wishing in transcendence to attain the person of the Person. And thus, because of this desire, we find the curse within ourselves and with others for making another ego in society. The filognostic person may speak of dogs and apes when faced with other people who, less conscientious with the human command, so often fight for power while eating meat like a predator. The world may speak of the filognostic association as another neo-Vaishnavite cult of make-belief, of an immature personalistic betrayal of the culture of 'Enlightenment' or of the democracy project. But, as transcendentalists being turned against also our own -isms, evidently there is a blessing too. Filognosy, step by step achieved from the commitment level of being an aspirant, to the level of being an acknowledged representative, up to the level of being a fully experienced Self-realizer, certainly makes for a better world in many ways. This love and respect for the person of any culture who does not follow the example of the dog and the ape, certainly constitutes the cure for the worldwide problem of cultural integration.

After having discussed the basic values, their regulative principles and the reality and virtue as a consequence of them it is clear what is wrong with our human society on this planet. It is no news, it does not come as a surprise, to realize that our human weaknesses cannot be overcome but by transcendence and elevation unto the level of devotion unto the Person of Compassion. This devotion is not a political affair, even though we have a notion of a different democracy on a filognostic basis. It is not a religious path in the sense of rituals and customs with nothing else to it. Going for the love of the knowledge of self-realization we have to abandon the idea that political parties or traditional religions all by themselves can solve the problem of offending the human command, the four legs of the basic rules of all human association. We have a religious notion though of the solution. This path, so we concluded, was more found in the gnostic department where religiousness with a certain respect for the traditional approach would not deny the Person of Enlightenment and Liberation. It is not entirely the religion, it is not entirely the religiousness we expect to lead us out of our infra-human, subhuman trouble. Gnosis is the field where the two cover each other, wherein it is all about our self-realization in relation to the religion. We do not want a spirituality without the Person of All Meditation, nor do we want a religion with rituals and sermons without any understanding for our personal self-realization of progressing to the holy example. Thus having arrived at our filognostic understanding for covering both the options of religion and spirituality, without getting stuck in dead ritualism and impersonal spiritualism, we have to face the consequence. What is the blessing and the curse of this approach? What price must we pay psychologically and culturally? Certainly, choosing to follow this path will have consequences. To adhere to an approach like this to solve the problems in the world outside of us and within us, does not directly show the shadow side of the matter. If we turn away from ritualism, we are cursed for breaking traditions. If we abandon the enlightenment of spiritual attainment we will be cursed for being manipulative in identifying with the Person Above All Identification and Ego. So what to do now? Know this all and forget about it again? Just feed the mind that is the monster devouring all and carry that burden of conscience into your grave? Should we be complacent because no way out of offending the human command is found by simply accepting its allowance at certain places?
It is certain that filognostic complacency is not the way. Complacency is a form of escapism. There will be a knock on the door sooner or later. The Person of Omnipresence approaches you always from every side to remind you of who you really are with Him. Will you listen? We somehow have to muster courage and dare to make a difference in the world, despite our anxiety of running into just another ego of participating in and corrupting with the invincible system of human tolerance for basic offenses that is so famously married to our cherished Democracy 1.0. Many tried before us and have failed. All these ambitious 'new age' strategies, policies and belief systems ran out of spirit and were swallowed by the global system of civil repression because they all missed Him, He Who is the Point. One became another book that would not be read and was of no consequence, one became another religious branch or mode of religiousness, totally fixed in its tenets offering no room for any personal, more or less cursed, initiative. In filognosy we want to be comprehensive and not offend or be offended by anyone. We want to live with 'green spectacles' in love with 'her' and of a coordinated acceptance for and cooperation with 'him'. We do not want to be of  any kind of schism of egoism and materialism etc. Still one cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. So what is the curse we from this comprehensive filognostic perspective pronounce ourselves against the willful offender and the reaction to it we therefore by ego may expect? And what would be the perks then? Would we share the wealth any better, really be happier and more easily overcome the human shadow of our weaknesses? What would be the blessing of following in devotion to the Person of All Adorableness? And so we start praying... Please do not lead us into any cultism, amen! Please do not turn us all into drop-outs drowning in chaos either! On our knees we are praying before the tabernacle of civil conservatism for protection and acceptance.... But we have to face the music having broken a lance for a path of liberation to higher levels of existence, a path even including a form of progress, through different positions at each level, of finding in transcendence the three types of enlightenment in the truth, consciousness and happiness of the Person of Liberation (see Inspiration 2 and 6). This book cannot be just a book. It is part of an historically fixed tradition and association of people, it has a source thus and demands a practice of going beyond mere meditation and study. One builds association with it and finds liberation in service with the talents one is born with. This is the foundation of a new or renewed civilization that has retrieved its original purpose.

So there we go. Let us first of all consider the curse and then explore what the path of devotion has to offer from which we expect liberation in service. The curse means that we have to suffer a head wind on our path that results from the wish to progress. Sitting still means to decay in neglect of one's honor. The honor we defend is that of the intellect in the first place. This is a book written by a book worm in response to another book from another book worm. This book worm could not ignore that book worm. One has to derive and refer, and draw a line from the past into the future. Not doing so would be sitting still and fall apart. Just sitting still is exactly the reason why the intellect in modern times suffers neglect. In fact the intellect was cursed for just staring into its navel being ambitious only for enlightenment. The world is neglected when no one breaks a lance and steps forward. To know the person inside is to become the person outside, to become devoted to the Person At Both Sides. To deny the need of one's presence in the world is a denial of one's own desire to be there and the talents one is equipped with for that purpose. Liberation from worldly affairs does not mean one is free from spiritual affairs. Material affairs become spiritual affairs once the purpose is realized. So, in filognosy we do not necessarily withdraw from the world, but rather transform the world by fighting its corruption within ourselves and restore the original drive of serving the purpose. There may be other worlds one may attain in an after-life, but as long as we are here we do our business here, as good as we can. Who commands out fate but the Ideal Person we go for? Decay to the human command because of complacency and lovelessness means to succumb to the animal dominance. That downward motion in life is the foundation of the curse that makes apes and dogs out of humans and devotees. It is simply: progress or become an animal. Can one have a human form and being motivated to keep that form and then behave like a dog, eating dog meat, and follow other such  offensive leads of a bad system that in denial of the Person of Maintenance destroys the planet? So there is the curse. One is a dog or an ape when one turns away from the Person of Example. Apes copy other apes in trying to dominate the group they are part of. They do not reason but fight. They do not milk cows but kill kindred monkeys to eat them. Humans find their own way to participate in modesty. They reason and do milk cows in obedience to a law that says not to kill at will. Dogs eat meat and hunt in packs in the wild or subdue themselves to cultured providers of meat who do the killing for them. They think of dominance and sex all the time and rather do it in the road with nothing but a promiscuous mind. Human beings are ashamed of such behavior, they prefer faithfulness in fixed bonds like marriages and know that the predator mind will not be the salvation of mankind, on the contrary it builds karma. They reason about it and try to become free from the dog inside of them by meditation and spiritual association. So who wants the curse?
The blessing of filognosy is personal and collective enlightenment and liberation, freedom from fear and attainment of beatitude, blessedness, spiritual bliss, a higher taste in life, that is also expressed in art, literature and a healthy respect for all life on this planet as part of our self-interest. Irrespective of one's birth one will find one's proper place in all societies, in all human associations, that are based on this purpose philosophy. One will live longer and happier because of better habits of eating pure food and keeping inner harmony because of meditation. With this philosophy put into practice, one will have a greater job satisfaction and more stable relations and marriages with like-minded people in respect of the human command of basic values. In this form of self-realization one will adopt a better philosophy of time so that one will be more free from inner psychological conflict, free from the inner conflict between thought and feeling so typical for a culture that with the wrong pragmatical motive denies and defies the natural order of time.  Faithfulness, truthfulness, peacefulness and selflessness will thrive in societies following this comprehension of intelligence and because of that there will be a dominance of the quality of goodness and a true culture of knowledge and self-realization. People in this mind of respect for the Great Person of Nature will be less possessive and more easily share their personal belongings and the planet in its entirety with each other and the rest of the living beings here. With this philosophy transpiring in the political system there will be less quarrel and illusion, a better sense of personal identity and less self destructive behavior disease and addiction. Because of systematic meditation people will be more healthy and less criminal minded, perverted, fraudulent and violent. There will be less wars and calamities. One will be safer and sounder, less estranged and more motivated in knowledge of the purpose and integrity of this love for the knowledge of self-realization. One will even please one's forefathers and the ancient gods that were forgotten and will be freed in filognosy  together with all one's kith and kin from the karmic burden of one's personal and collective history. The earth will thrive, the culture will thrive and the people will thrive with having found one's true self in the harmony of this original concept of a culture of knowledge. For science there will be a new paradigm, for the religions there will be a greater coherence, for philosophy there will be a greater clarity and for the arts there will be an endless inspiration with this meaning of life realized in happiness and a better comprehensive intelligence.

Blessings and curses give the filognostic person an ego with a shadow. He/she takes a stand and thus gets entangled in the world of opposites. It is inevitable. The question then is what the difference would be between the filognostic and any person of ego in the world. Filognosy as said provides an extra fourth dimension to our world view that is not just an intellectual notion of time as a function of universal expansion. It also provides a clear set of tools to connect to this dimension that is confirmed by modern physics and astronomy, and is also the realm of the Person of All Causality and Time in the Beyond. Filognosy in fact opens the door to a grand global integration of religious and politically inspired cultures by offering a different, more identity conscious and economically rational approach of human service, fully aware of what corruption and foolishness in life actually means. Thus the filognostic in having turned away from one-sided karma motivated empty ritualism and impersonal spiritualism without an enduring social concept of living together, is better equipped for dealing with the troubles of the material world without ending up in conflicts of passion politics and ignorant religiousness. In this spiritual knowledge about the Person one in devotion learns step by step about the conditions for attaining and stabilizing oneself and one's association of like-minded people of knowledge with this dimension in life. Thus one may climb up in one's commitment to this cause from being a beginner to a person who is acknowledged as an active agent in this field of all fields, until one is a fully experienced representative of the diversity of this intelligence. Filognosy concerns a complete concept of life, a game of order that people can play,  that is firmly rooted in history without any other purpose than the harmony of all forms of human intelligence and social ego in enlightenment and elevation to the happiness of the Personal level of life. It has a self-cleansing capacity because of its firm set of values and principles. It offers both the paths of transcendence and liberation, that we in this book learned to discriminate as two fundamental legs of a comprehensive spiritual vision that connects science and religion. The story we refer to is clear. That classical Purāṇa speaks for itself carrying the historical comments of its teachers of discipline. This tradition constitutes the root of this newly grown tree of cultural integration. It, fully grown, reaches much further than this first book that lays out the conceptual plan and basic philosophy of filognosy, before getting deeper into the other qualitative, quantitative and integrative aspects of this science of purifying our burdened modern souls. Transcendence is achieved by the discipline of uniting one's consciousness individually. Stabilization and a change of character in the direction of one's original nature of service, is attained by emancipation in devotional activities that are embedded in a social frame work of service unto the Lord of Liberation who is the Person of All Dharma.

What is important now at the end of this first book of filognostic inspirations, is to remember that this story will continue and go deeper in discussing a life of finding purity and naturalness of identity and character to overcome the curses of the empty navel staring intellect and the politicized and identity confused, outdated concept of the, even impersonally confounded, rule entailed by the old Democracy 1.0. This world absolutely needs a political and religious upgrade like this. After all, what discussions between dogs and apes would lead anywhere but to a collapse of the zoo keeping them separated in their golden cages? Thus we let those human beings and devotees of elevation speak who know to overcome this curse and in a renewed form of self-respect can express their appreciation and joy about the many blessings offered by the Eternal Personality of Sacrifice and Beatitude never to be forgotten again.

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 1, Chapter 18

The Person

De Persoon

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