Inspiration 3

Devotion, Another Philosophy of Life

Teacher: "For a thoughtful person like you, dear seeker, I answered the question what form your devotion should assume when you cannot hold on to your spiritual discipline in being faced with the pressing interests of the material world. Following the path of respecting a spiritual teacher you can discover the glory of the form of knowledge he propounds, like that of the twofold path that was discussed.
In case you want someone else for another purpose, like having a good time in a material sense, you look for an entertainer or when you want progeny you follow the example of a founding father. If you desire success in life you have to look for a good wife and if you desire influence you need to contact a ruler. Wishing wealth you need a moneylender and when you want to be in good shape you will have to look for a trainer. For the sake of your daily bread you need to look for an employer and if you want to earn more than that, you have to go higher up. If you want to succeed in business you need to look for personnel. Wishing for longevity you have to visit a physician and desiring a strong physical body you have to find someone providing healthy food. If you crave status and fame then look for a woman who is both earthly and heavenly. If you want to look beautiful you have to follow the example of a model and wishing for a faithful spouse you better look for a woman giving priority to virtue. If you want to rule over others you will have to honor the supreme authority, if you desire recognition you have to seek someone willing to sacrifice himself, and if you want money you have to consult a financial advisor. If you wish to be well-informed on matters, you have to consult a professor and if you want a good marriage you will have to look for a chaste wife. If you wish to make spiritual progress, you have to honor the Absolute Truth (see inspiration 1.11), for the protection of your family line you have to defend traditions, for your own protection you will have to visit pious persons and in order to stand strong in life you have to seek good company. For a strong state the founding fathers need to be respected, when you want to defeat an enemy you need to dance with the devil, for sensual desires you have to respect the moon, but, if you want to be freed from desires, you need to respect the Original Person of Transcendence.
Whether you want to be free from desires, are full of desires or only desire liberation from a material life, when you think about it seriously you, with heart and soul devoted in yoga, will surrender yourself to the Supreme Personality of the Complete. Differently motivated as people are in their material interests but being one in their motivation to be themselves, they all develop attraction for the Ideal Person of the True Self and the association of His pure representatives. That devotion will inevitably develop itself when the knowledge of the Person of the Pure Self develops itself. That knowledge, you see, will detach you from the turmoil of the material world when you, by meditation on the Person of the Names, discover the satisfaction, the blissful state, of the soul. With the experience of that happiness in detachment you cannot but feel attracted to His stories."

Seeker: "What more can you tell about the Supreme Person of our interest? What subjects are concerned with His person? Being associated as devotees this is our first interest. Anyone seeking the realization of a stable and happy self, a conscious, blissful and stable position in the soul, is indeed in fact such a devotee. You as a spiritual master attached to His Supreme Integrity only, certainly qualify for the position of informing us, all the other devotees, about this highly important matter.
Missing this subject of study of finding liberation by developing love and devotion for the Original Person of All Persons, one will pass one's days uselessly. Just as the trees are growing, bellows are pumping air and animals are eating and procreating, we are also physically bound to a task essential to our nature in contrast with that of animals. A person without attention for the Person who liberates us and makes our lives meaningful is not better than an ape or a dog. When you have never heard of an Ideal Person, when you have no knowledge of spiritual progress, emancipation and liberation, when you have never sung His song, you are like a cold blooded reptile without any warmth of your own, of your own True Self that is the source of all warmth. Your head full of brains you only bow when you fall asleep, is nothing more than a meaningless burden when you do not know to bow that head for the sake of your own Ideal Self. What is the use of your arms and hands adorned with rings, bracelets and wristwatches, when you engage them only for the purpose of eating, mating and fighting and not to perform sacrifices for the holy purpose formed by the Person of Perfection? Like gnarls in wood are the eyes of those who never allowed themselves to be led by the Light of His radiating Person and like the roots of trees are the legs of those who never headed for the company of His Celebrated Glory. One is not more than a zombie, a living corpse, when one never found the motivation for and the protection and higher life of the loving devotion for His Person of All Meaning. One has a heart of stone when one is not moved by the reality of His glory, happiness, blessing and prosperity. Dear teacher, you have the ability to express yourself so perfectly, therefore tell us, me and for all the other seekers of beatitude, more about the spiritual knowledge of the transcendental realm of the Supreme Person, where every seeker may find his peace."

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 2, Chapter 3

The Person

De Persoon

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