Inspiration 4

To Show One's Respect for the Original Person

Seeker: "I understand the paramount importance of not living in denial of my true self, the Original Person. When I concentrate on the Inner Supreme Quality of my person I am able to see how futile in fact my self-centered attitude is concerning my physical, intimate, relational and economic ties. In my ignorance about my actual duty I try to hold on to material matters that keep me away from that path of properly caring about the Best Person present within me and in others. You really motivate me to look beyond the veil of my material interests. I know I cannot continue with a one-sided materially oriented stance in life, for it is at odds with the spiritual discipline that is needed to live closer to the real source of personal fulfillment. As a person of ego being obsessed with material results and matters of control, I am constantly engaged in the regulation of my sensual gratification, my financial affairs and my formal religious duties. But my self-realization can only be successful if I seriously reconsider these basic civil duties for the sake of a better focus on the position of transcendence. Thus finding an anchor in my life I certainly easily will develop a strong attraction for the Original Person, the Supreme Controller of  the Natural Consciousness of Time within my heart. I have to add to this that you are perfectly right, oh learned man of wisdom, in doubting the value of life without Him, the Master of All True Happiness and Transcendence. You, from your purity, know and care about how one may dispel the darkness of ignorance by discussing the topics about the Supreme Person of Everyone's Self-realization.
What I wanted to ask specifically, concerning the spiritual knowledge about the Person of Prime Importance, is the following. How does that Supreme Person within bring about this material world to begin with? Not even the greatest master of meditation can answer this question properly. It is a complete mystery. And apart from creating, how does He maintain what is created and how does He withdraw everything in the end? I would also like to know how He arrives at the different forms He turns out to assume in the course of the history of mankind, how He engages with those forms, what His actions then are and to what kind of actions He inspires. Even the greatest knowers of His person, of His science and reality, fall short explaining His unfathomable ways, deeds and integrity. He, being one, maintains many forms. He at the same time manifests His different qualities of material nature and performs actions in diverse consecutive appearances of Himself. How can that be? Please enlighten us on these matters, for you, dear teacher, by dint of the oral tradition about Him and your self-realization therewith, are a direct representative of His Divine Person."

Teacher: "Let me think for a while about your questions to describe the ways, operations and effects of the Supreme Person Within who controls our senses, the Ideal Person Beyond Our Ken ruling our lives....
Okay, let me show you my respect for the Supreme Person of All Fine Qualities. From the beginning of the universe till the very end of all that is manifest, He is present as the original integrity of consciousness operating by the contraction and expansion of His  divine energy. That Person of Example is inscrutable in His actions as the all-determining power over the three basic natural qualities of goodness, passion and ignorance, for He is simultaneously one within and a diversity of manifestations without. He deserves our respect who liberates the ones faithful to His truth from the painful conflicts with those who live the lie of being independent from Him, for He consists of pure goodness and takes care of each and everyone who belongs to the brotherhood of the swan of transcendence. We owe everything to Him who, closely associated with the earliest forms of human civilization on this planet and also other planets, far removed from materially motivated arguing defeats everyone lacking in respect for His divinity. I surrender myself to Him who is just as great in enjoying all the fullness of life's fortune as He is in enjoying the transcendence of heaven. He is all-auspicious, for the remembrance, glorification, stories, association, prayers and worship of Him instantly wipes away the  shadow of the sins of everyone.  Therefore we over and over take recourse to His Supreme Grace. When someone is as intelligent to dedicate himself to the refuge of Him he gives up all his hopes and dreams about a present and future existence. For such a person there is no hindrance on the path of the progress of his heart and soul towards a spiritual life. Hope is then not needed, His goodness and light does not leave him. Over and over I therefore prove my respect unto Him renown for His auspiciousness. Not even the greatest sage, benefactor, hero, acknowledged philosopher, reciter, singer or strict follower will ever progress an inch on the path to heaven when he is not known with and vowed to Him, the Supreme Person of Divine Grace. And so I respect Him, whom to hear about is so auspicious. All the people of the world who yielded to the weaknesses following from their animal propensities find purification if they take to His shelter. Him, the mighty maintainer of my virtue and happiness, goodness and understanding, I offer my humble respects. He is the heart and soul of all self-realized followers of truth, He is all spiritual knowledge in person, He is the holy books and the austerity. May He who is honored by not just the greatest souls but by everyone who in his transcendence abandoned all claims of status, always be graceful with me. May He, the lord and master of all devoted souls, the original owner of all opulences, the object and subject of all sacrifices, the leader of all living beings, the master of all intellect, the ruler of all worlds, the head of the entire planet and the destination for and first among all the nobles, be merciful with me. It is said that when one being faithful to the righteous authorities, always thinks of His refuge and is steeped in His goodness, that will cleanse one's being and will result in knowledge of one's final destination in the soul. May this Lord of Liberation described at will by the scholars of the spiritual tradition, be always in my heart. The first person of creation, the creator, was strengthened in his heart with the memory of Him, the Original One Person of the Complete. For that purpose He inspired the mother of all learning who then seemed to appear from the mouth of the creator. May that Teacher of all teachers be pleased with me. He at the foundation of all creation who empowers all bodies composed of the material elements, He who as the Original Person of All Persons is the cause of their being subjected to the three basic qualities of nature, He who operates through the five senses, through the five organs of action, through the five basic elements of all physical composition and the consciousness of all people, may that Supreme Master of All Living Beings lend cohesion, harmony and attraction to my statements. My obeisances unto the original author of the scriptures from whose mouth all spiritual schools and disciplic successions are drinking the nectar of this sublime knowledge. From the beginning of all human existence, its original creator has imparted from the inside, upon the request of the sagacious leader of the devotees, dear seeker, this love for the knowledge of self-realization, this filognosy, originally spoken by the one and only Supreme Personality, the Lord in Our Heart."

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 2, Chapter 4

The Person

De Persoon

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