Inspiration 5

The Origin, Operation and Relevance of the Person of Creation Faithful to the Tradition

Seeker: "If I may interrupt your answering... from what you just said, I understand that you as a spiritual master must have been - and still are - a pupil. You hand down a message and that act constitutes a succession of teachers wherein the pupil becomes a master as soon as he is versed enough in the filognosy handed down. Thus you received your knowledge from a creator, an original mind responsible for this culture of devotion unto the Person of All Persons who was respected by you being a seeker. What you are telling me now is what this creator has told you. At the same time I myself am thus not just a seeker anymore either, but an aspirant leader of future devotees, if I want, who may accept me as a messenger like you, provided I, being well educated by you in this lore, manage to satisfactorily adapt this knowledge to time and place, so as to speak to the understanding of a next generation of seekers. This has been going on ever since the earliest days of the creation of our world and culture, so that we actually are speaking about the knowledge that was handed down by the first speaker who is the Original Person of Filognosy, the Lord in our Heart. Is that correct?"

Teacher: "That is correct. Once you master this knowledge of self-realization, this filognosy, you in fact may become a teacher yourself adapting this knowledge, as you said, to time and circumstance. Thus indeed, you are not just a seeker but a possible leader of future devotees, a creator of the next expression of this eternal knowledge stemming from the Original Person of the Heart we call the Lord."

Seeker: "Well, let me then offer you my obeisances, for I may now consider you the creator of this moment in history who constitutes the basis of all life following from the tradition you defend. I myself thus, as you said, as a possible leader of all seekers whom I might find prepared to listen to me, have even more pressing questions. First of all I would like to know which knowledge this filognosy proclaims that is named ātmatattva in Sanskrit as I remember. And about our reality, oh teacher, please describe what its form is, where it belongs to and from what it originated. What maintains it, what controls it and what is it composed of? Your goodness surely knows all of this. You, the master, with the universe like a walnut in the grip of your science, must have knowledge of all that was created, all that will be created and all that is being created. Please tell me what the source is of your wisdom. Who protects you and who directs you? On what authority are you, all by yourself, with the elements ruled by your personal energy, creating the lives of the living beings? Like a spider in service of its web, you weave from your forces and vision, as an independent authority, all these lives without being possessed by them. In this life, oh man of power, I have no knowledge of any one endowed with a name, form and qualities, temporary or eternal, superior, inferior or equal, who did not originate from the Original Person of Creation you stand for. We are troubled because you, in a perfect discipline, are of a severe form of penance that gave us the chance to doubt whether you are the supreme authority. Oh knower and controller of all following you, kindly explain all these matters I asked you about so that I can understand learning it from you."

Teacher: "The doubt of you, so kind, about my personal exercises, is perfectly justified, my best one, it led me to consider the heroism, splendor and power of the Supreme Person Above All, the Lord of Lords. You are not mistaken with what you said, for not knowing the Original Person beyond of me will lead to the illusion that I would be the greatest. The entire world that I created and propose in our discussions for His sake, evolved from His supreme light, like it is with the energy that we derive from fire, the sun, the order of the moon and the movement of the planet and the stars. I offer Him my obeisances, the Original Lord of Our Wealth upon whom we now meditate, for it is because of His grace and invincible power that I am considered a teacher in this world. People shamelessly, with a wrong choice of words unjustly speak of 'I' and 'mine' in trying to keep a prominent position in the bewildering material world. But neither their ego nor their possessiveness is the foundation of their existence. They have no proper understanding of me, the secondary creator of their lives. The interaction of the material elements under the influence of the cause of time and the nature of the individual being with his ego and possessions is part of the Original Person of Life and Time, but the truth is that these agents considered separately have no meaning. He, the Original Person of Creation, constitutes the meaning and coherence of time, the individual soul and the material world. He, the Path of Humanity, is the cause and purpose of our knowledge. Our own divinity constitutes the limbs of that Lord of Humanity, all the planets are meant for the Supreme Person of Humanity and all sacrifices are there for the pleasure of the Ideal Person of Humanity. To focus one's mind is there for the purpose of the First Person of Humanity, austerity is there to abide by the Person of Human Excellence, filognosy is there for the realization of the Divine Person of Humanity and liberation is there to enter the heaven of the Enlightened Person of Humanity. He, the Seer in Control who is the stability and Supersoul of everyone, with His vision and what He created, is my inspiration to create also. I and what I created is to be understood after the example of Him and not in terms of 'I' and 'mine'.

I explained to you [in 1.2] the three basic qualities of nature: the goodness of light, the passion of movement and the ignorance typical of the inertia of matter. The transcendence owes three qualities to these material modes of existence: maintenance, creation and destruction. The person is eternal and transcendental, but because he is subjected to the operation of the natural qualities in terms of cause and effect, he manifests symptoms according to these modes. He acquires knowledge from the dominance of goodness, he engages in actions because of the dominance of passion and he develops a diversity of material forms from the ignorance- or darkness - of the material elements. The progress of the Supreme Person in the Beyond, who is the witness to all these three symptoms, cannot be properly observed though, dear man of the spirit, even though He is the controller of me, you and of each and everything else. The Original Person of Control by the potency of His material energy, through His independent free will, arrived at many vital entities, taking upon Himself their karma, subjection to time and their particular natures. The creation of the complete reality took place under His supervision - just like the natural qualities interact because of Him in the form of Eternal Time and all the different activities are taking place because of the modification of His original nature. Because of the transformation of the complete reality though, in the beginning the qualities of passion and goodness dominated, but then matter, material activities and material knowledge found their vital existence.That modification of the material part of the self constitutes a false ego. That falsehood of I-awareness manifested itself according to the threefold nature as mentioned. That ego thus found the division of the powers of an intelligent or coordinated performance, the information - or knowledge -of creation and a material evolution.
The protomaterial invisible ether, a linear combination of expanding and contracting space energy, is the element that first of all evolved from the darkness that underwent transformation. Sound is its subtle form and it relates to visible matter like the seer relates to all things to be seen. Then from the ether there was the first ponderable element of air in space, that we these days know as hydrogen gas. Sound could then become a material vibration as a reflection of its non-manifest prior existence in the ether. That hydrogen under the influence of time running out of balance also found a life gravitating and heating up in the form of a golden egg, or a collection of sun globes or stars that offered then a universe filled with a diversity of energies and forces. Thus the basic universal ingredient of fire came about that on its turn again under the influence of time exploding with supernovas generated from its nature similarly the qualities of touch, sound, taste and form of the elements of the gasses, of water - hydrogen combined with oxygen - and the earth elements, a category that classically is also considered a single basic element. With the quality of taste of the water and the quality of the smell of the juices of the earth, the variegation of the qualities of the elements of creation, that were produced by the universal transformation of the false ego under the influence of time, was then complete.
The cosmic notion of the gods originated from the quality of goodness, they are known as the natural eminence of the directions, the air, the sun, the waters, the life span, the fire, of heaven, the transcendence, the friendship and of the duty of creative action. The life force, the intelligence and the ten elements of the senses of action and perception -mouth, hands, feet, genitals and anus, sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - rose, as modifications of the material ego, from the action department of passion. Together all these elements combine into the physical form of the human body, the vehicle of time of the person, oh my dearest, and first among the devotees to hear from me about this latest adaptation or update of the lore. The Supreme Person is the original order, intelligence and direction of this cohesion, this material order of the normal human person with his sat/asat true and illusory, his spiritual and material realities. Without Him all the coordination of life vanishes from both the human form and its human association, whereupon a disintegration into its constituent elements will take place. Materially being composed of stardust we return to stardust, but spiritually we continue in Him whose integrity, cohesion, intelligence, soul and Person is eternal.

The golden egg of the glowing primal element for countless millennia being submerged in the causal ocean, was thus step by step, by the original causal self fundamental to our universe, activated from an unanimated state into an animated state under the pressing progress of His ethereal Time energy. The Original Person of the vital universal egg, dividing from within Himself, then ultimately manifested Himself as one universal person endowed with a myriad of heads, mouths, eyes, arms and legs. As I discussed at the beginning of our conversation about meditating on His outer appearance, advanced thinkers, in the interest of the comprehension of filognosy, imagine all the worlds of His universal form as being the limbs of His body, counting seven types of worlds below His waist as being lower and an equal number above His waist as being higher. They also consider the intellectuals and spiritual adepts as representing His mouth, the rulers as the executives of His arms, the traders who move to provide as His legs and the laborers who carry and serve His entire body of divided societal duties as His feet. Next to the division of the seven lower and seven higher worlds below and above His waist, as we have discussed, there is also an alternative consideration of three types of worlds in His universal body: those of the earthly lower worlds, the ethereal middle worlds and the heavenly higher worlds."

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 2, Chapter 5

The Person

De Persoon

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