Inspiration 6

The Gift to Mankind of His Powers

Seeker: "Dear teacher, what is the meaning of the different elements of the Original Person of the Universe for the individual soul?"

Teacher: "Fire is, since the earliest days of mankind, the center of the mouth of the Universal Person. Meditating around the fire the voice of the person developed, as people gathered there to speak their heart and realize their identity. The seven tones of the musical scale then also developed from Him in the field of the seven layers and substances of His original physical human body as the basic elements for the metric expressions in songs and the standardized expressions of verses. The tongue became His place of offering foodstuffs and delicacies to gods and forefathers, that could be shared by human beings. The faculty of His nose offered, next to the power of enjoying the fragrance of substances, a path to become spiritually healthy with the regulating power of the life breath in touch with the external air and to be physically healthy with the gods of health and their medicinal herbs. The eyes were formed after His eyeball that is the sun. With the gift of sight they perceive all forms illumined by His brilliance. The ears covering all directions and the spiritual realm constitute His place of receiving knowledge of the surroundings and the culture of knowledge one has with one's fellow man. They, thus feeding the intelligence, lead to the inner comparing of their messages with the sound impressions and imaginations from the ether in the form of thoughts. The surface of His body is the earth, the field where all opportunities are offered to be actively engaged for the sake of all that one needs. The atmosphere with its winds constitutes His touch, inspiring humanity with the feeling of touch and being in touch with all kinds of sacrifices. The vegetation on the surface of the earth that constitutes His bodily hair, provides everything needed for the sacrifices one performs. The clouds with their lightning, His hairs, protect against the sun and the nails of His body (also recognized in the horse, mule, elephant and camel), provide the stones and the iron ore we need for buildings and utensils. His arms, the state officials, the rulers, take care of the needs of the population and protect them. The Lord's lotus feet, sheltering us and safeguarding us against fear, constitute a blessing fulfilling all desires. They make the progress possible of the higher, middle and lower worlds. The genitals of the Original Lord, our founding father, provide the water, the productive rains and the semen as also the erogenous zones to enjoy sexuality during the procreative act. Oh seeker, the rectum of the body of the Supreme Personality of Humanity is to be remembered as the place of darkness, the end of life and the necessity of friendship. The envy, misfortune, death and hellish conditions it reminds us of, motivate us for living a better life with ourselves and with others. The back of the godhead offers the frustration, immorality and ignorance, the downside, one has to turn away from to become happy. His veins offer the rivers and rivulets that constitute our life support and the collection of His bones, the mountains, offer the necessary structure and form to the world we inhabit. Living beings find their bodies destroyed in His belly, but are awakened to life by Him in the form of Time, the unseen mover of the material ocean. His order of time as marked by the light of the sun and the moon, is by intelligent people recognized as the beating heart of the Original Person, the lead and refuge of our mind."

Seeker: "How does He operate upon us?"

Teacher: "The Supreme Person is the safe harbor of truth, wisdom and consciousness upon whom you and I, the lead of dharma, the sages of our innocence and the grace of love all depend. He who pervades and covers the entire universe with all its inhabitants: you, me, the grace of love, the sages of the past, the enlightened and unenlightened souls, the birds and beasts, the plants and many other living entities that are found on land, in water and in the sky, together with the asteroids, stars, comets, planets and moons, the lightening and the thunder, all that has been, that is and will be created, this entire universe together, the complete integrity of Him, the Supreme Person, is situated in one's heart that has a size not bigger than a fist. The Supreme Person of Life is the force of all living beings that vitalizes them from without and within, the way the sun with its rays warms and illumines everything outside and gives strength inside. He, in the form of time and the life force, is the one in control who grants immortality and fearlessness. He, the Original Master of Life, is transcendental to death and material pleasure, oh first among the devotees, and is therefore of an unlimited glory."

Seeker: "Is He everything that can be materially observed?"

Teacher: "Know that the visible material realm of the living entities constitutes but a small portion - about 5% as we know these days - of the total energy of the Universal Person, the reservoir of all energies, the abode of happiness free from death and fear existing beyond the three worlds. A strict celibate soul not wishing to return to a material life of family attachment and love relations, finds his liberation in the greater energetic realm of the Supreme Omnipresent Person, but the common man forgets about this and moves between the three realms of the heavenly, the hellish and the in-between realms of material life. Whether one is attached to material actions or of the culture of devotion, the Omnipresent Person is always one's destination. Being ignorant or of knowledge, He is the original position and refuge to go for. The entire gigantic body of the universe, His form with all its elements, sentient beings and material qualities that originated from Him who is always aloof from His own creation, is indeed like the sun that independent of everything warms and vitalizes everything and everyone with its rays."

Seeker: "How did you organize your respect for His presence?"

Teacher: "When I started with my life after my birth from His nature, I had no other means to be of sacrifice with but the hands and feet He gave me. If you want to organize ceremonies to the honor of the Primal Person, you need flowers, fuel, an altar and a clock and calendar to time matters in respect of nature. Also utensils, foodstuffs, oil, sweets, money, a suitable place, water and scriptures are needed, plus the help of at least a few other people. Holy names and mantras must be used and people must be compensated, you have to decide on a certain fixed conduct as also a certain classical, ancient scripture or holy book to be respected to proceed with the form of worship one has in mind. I managed to arrange for these matters with the talents He gave me so that I, in respect of the God-fearing souls of concern, could attain my goal with rewards and presentations. Thus being of a regular exercise of respect with the help of the means, the people involved and my own talents, I could attain a proper absorption and be stable in Him, the Maintainer and Original Person of all sacrifices. By the example I gave with my sacrifices, others of different schools of thought and different cultures, also could manage to follow this path of respect for the satisfaction of every soul embodied and not embodied. These others on their turn step by step could inspire the leaders of mankind and their global organizations so that also they all had the opportunity to enjoy the culture of respect for the Original Person of Us All, and so could also the great thinkers, the elders, the scholars, the political opposition and the rest of mankind."

Seeker: "How, actually, did the Original Person organize His respect for the bewildering material world?"

Teacher: "The entire cosmos is situated in Him, the Original Person. He, the original path of mankind who is also called Nārāyaṇa by the Hindus, is self-sufficient, fosters no desires and is not in need of any action. Nevertheless He, because of the creation, destruction and maintenance taking place in the universe, assumes primal, most mighty forms in accordance with these natural qualities of passion, ignorance and goodness that are called guṇas in Sanskrit. These forms of Him are called the guṇa-avataras in India, they are the basic manifestations of the Supreme Person according to the fundamental qualities of nature as already discussed in Inspiration 1.2. They are the primal demigods of the Hindus, their holy trinity so to say. I, evidently, in terms of eastern philosophy, belong to His creative intellectual department that is Vedically called Brahmā. The person of Brahmā is depicted usually with four heads for looking in all directions. People like me vowed to him are called brahmins, Vedic intellectuals who read and write that kind of books. The Lord of Grace, the tolerant divinity of meditating on the sexual union of man and woman, is called the destroyer of evil and ignorance or Śiva. He is usually depicted with a snake around his neck meditating on the so-called linga symbol, an aesthetic idol of a stone phallus positioned in a stone vagina. The divinity ruling goodness who maintains the entire cosmos as the master over the three basic energies of the universe is called Viṣṇu in bhakti yoga, the culture of unifying one's consciousness by devotion. He is considered the transcendental Original Personality who is usually depicted with a dark skin and four arms representing His prowess. All in all it primarily seems to an Indian affair that, as you may understand now, is essentially a monotheistic culture when we reason from the Original Person of All Divinity, the Soul of All Souls. There is only one supreme God whom we call the Original Person, or the indians call the puruṣa, and there are many manifestations of Him, gods, demigods, sages, prophets or devotees who are worshiped and described in many way, by not just the Hindus, but by every  religious  culture worldwide. The Hindus are as much seeking for the original union and integrity of Him as any other spiritual and religous person - as also scientific person of natural physics does these days. As I said before, conflict between the religious and intellectual schools and cultures on this planet belongs to the domain of ignorance. People suffering religious of philosphical conflict should meditate on the destroyer of ignorance, the Lord of Grace, so to say. In Him there is no conflict, the conflicts are there because of false ego, because of identifying with a certain material presentation. Of course there are paradoxes, apparent contradictions that can be recognized as consequences of our ignorance."

Seeker: "How did that relative position of authority work out for you, dear agent of the creator?"

Teacher: "Concerning everything I have told you, please remember that whatever you have in mind as something temporal or eternal, cannot be conceived as existing outside of the Original Person. He contains it all. It is because I firmly kept my focus on His Complete Integrity, that I never ran out of words, was lost in my mind, or was diverted by the temporal nature of my sensual input. However much I know about the Vedic philosophy, whatever the severity of my austerities, despite all my success in yoga and proficiency in filognosy, I never completely managed to understand the Person of All Persons whom I owe my life. That is why I am always by meditation seeking refuge in Him. He is the safe harbor of all surrendered souls, for He puts an end to all the miseries and repetition of a material life in granting happiness and enlightenment. He is the window to worlds never seen, He is as inconceivable as the unlimited space of the cosmos and I do not expect anyone to know Him much better than I do. Nobody knows the actual position of His Inconceivable Person, we are always but a part of Him and cannot step outside of Him for objectivity, whether it concerns you, the Lord of grace or any other devotee or spiritual or God-conscious adept. Being bewildered by this created reality our ability to see is limited."

Seeker: "If we cannot see Him really, nor have a complete notion of Him, how can we respect Him then?"

Teacher: "He whose activities and descent in matter we glorify, He who cannot be fully known by people like us, is the One Lord we offer our respect. Age after age He, the Primordial Original Person of the Universe, creates out of Himself by His own means His universal appearance, that He maintains for a while and then withdraws again within Himself. He is pure, perfect in knowledge, free from tinges and absolute and eternal without a beginning or an end in His position above time and the basic natural qualities. Oh seeker of the wisdom, the best among the thinkers can only understand this if they are at rest and peaceful within, otherwise with a mind full of temporary matters this will escape their vision. The Original Person is the first avatāra or personal appearance of the Lord. He is also called the causal Lord or the cosmic Lord named Mahāvishnu or Kāranodakaśāyī Viṣṇu in Vaishnavism, the culture of bhakti. He, breathing out all the universes, constitutes the foundation of space-time, the duality of the eternal and temporal - that is also called the sat/asat duality of cause and effect -, the elements as mentioned, including the ego, the senses and the mind. These departments combine into the universal body, the gigantic universal form of the visible celestial sky, the integrity of the independent individual galaxy - inhabited by all living beings moving and not moving - of the Lord who is then called the Universal Lord or Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu in Vaishnavism. There is also a local aspect of the Lord ruling the microcosmos and the local planetary orders of curved space-time. This local Lord is called Kshirodakaśāyī Viṣṇu. Another way of stating this is to say that Viṣṇu, the Hindu god of maintenance and goodness, is the proto-material ether in three forms: cosmic, universal and local."

Seeker: "With Him present in so many forms, is not everybody then a kind of Viṣṇu and what is the value of His name then?"

Teacher: "With Him present as the three main guṇa-avatāras of creation, maintenance and destruction, me, you and other sons of wisdom, including the other gods of the natural elements of the wind, the rain, the sun and moon etc., the alien humanoids in their saucers, the civilized demigod humanoids we all are,  the lower souls of darkness possessed by evil, the sages, forefathers, the heavenly musicians and dancers, the fauna, the flora, etc. etc., each and everyone gifted with a special talent or quality, we are all endowed with a psychological mechanism that makes him or her believe that he or she himself or herself would be the ultimate representation of the Original Personality. He constitutes our human self-confidence and self-respect, although in reality everyone is to be modest in being just a single, limited part and parcel of His omnipresence. It is His miracle of inscrutably being one in diversity. This realization constitutes the value of His name. He is us while we are not Him. But in our materially bewildered minds we easily turn it around and fall for the temptation of divine arrogance. Like the hand with a glove while the glove is not the hand, we are the glove and He is the hand that is our mover organizing our actions - as I explained in Inspiration 1.14. Dear seeker and sage among the devotees, let me now invite you to take a look at the most important avatāras of the Original Personality of manifestation the way they are conceived by the Hindus. That will clear your hearing and your vision. You will like to hear about them, for each of these accounts of His pastimes, His divine plays called līlas, constitutes a fundamental story of  the Lord of Goodness and Sacrifice relating to mankind as a whole in a unique way."

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 2, Chapter 6

The Person

De Persoon

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