Inspiration 9

How the Lord Revealed Himself to the Interest of Filognosy

Teacher: "A dream can only exist in combination with a dreamer. So too the material self as composed of illusory energy can only exist in combination with a conscious self, a soul elevated above the material affair. The living being that wants to enjoy the many possibilities offered by the bewildering material world, is then confronted with its basic qualities and develops therewith the notion of a separated ego and personal possessions. That happens because the dynamics of those natural qualities lead the soul in its desire to identify itself with that action, so that the soul becomes fixed in a certain notion of 'I' and 'mine'. But as soon as the soul by its meditations on Him tastes the freedom and glory of having transcended the material realm of time, it will feel fulfilled and abandon that dual notion of identification.
When the Lord revealed Himself to me in my life because I was sincere in my faith in Him and followed His values, He clarified that the purpose of my adherence to His rules had been the development of this filognosy. But with me as the agent passing on this knowledge to the entire world, I began to wonder how I had arrived at such a position. I asked myself thereto how I should engage in this labor, but could not directly figure out what all the directions and viewpoints were to compose such a presentation."

Seeker: "How did the Lord reveal Himself to you? How did He clarify His purpose of filognosy?"

Teacher: "One day I was immersed in thoughts about how I should continue with my life because I noticed that I, all by myself, could not fulfill the duty to support my fellow human being in a spiritual sense. Then I heard myself say "Penance." Performing penances constitutes the core value of the renounced order that constitutes the spiritual lead in society. The essence of penance consists of voluntarily renouncing all kinds of worldly matters, before life itself imposes penance in the form of a karmic consequence. That way diminishing one's karmic load one is better capable of engaging in dharmic activities - the proper religiosity, nature and fulfillment of duties - that serve the spiritual interest and give one the strength to support others spiritually. The Lord, the Person of All persons, stood not in front of me to say this or something, there was no such vision, but in that prompting from the interest of His spirituality I then did recognize His voice. Thus I pondered over what the best way would be to do penance. With that pure insight in His will I then began with exercises to control my mind, with methods to control my senses and with ways to direct my behavior. Persevering for long in such a way that others, with their own form of penance, also could find themselves therein, thereupon my responsibility for the fate of the entire world awakened in the form of the so-called ātmatattva love for the 'spiritual knowledge of the reality of the true self and of self-realization' we began to call filognosy."

Seeker: "Would heaven be the purpose of filognosy and if so, what can you say about that realm?"

Teacher: "Self-realization is the goal of filognosy, the purpose is to arrive at the full insight of His integrity that consists of sustainable happiness and consciousness. When you succeed in behaving according to His will, to direct yourself at His person and hold on to His values, methods and standards, He will show you His heaven. Then your search will end, for in His realm free from illusion and fear arriving at the realization of your true self, you are free from the five forms of misery belonging to being endowed with a physical body. Those five bars of your material imprisonment according to the yoga teachings (see Yoga-sūtra 2.3) mean that you 1) have no knowledge of all kinds of matters, that you 2) tend to put your self-interest first, that you 3) have strong desires, that you 4) are filled with aversion and enmity towards others and that you 5) are too tenacious with and proud of your worldly existence. Self-realization thus means that one reaches the heaven of His sustainable happiness and consciousness wherein one is freed from this distress. One cannot attain something higher.
In that realization, in that heavenly state of consciousness, the Original Person of Heaven is respected by both the enlightened and the unenlightened souls of devotion. In that realm of the successful meditator, always the mode of goodness dominates without ever becoming entangled in the passion and the ignorance also found there. Residing therein, time and the material world do not play a part any longer and thus there are neither the psychic problems one has with them. Stable in that realm your eyes will be radiating, you will prosper, you will look better, you will enjoy an eternal youth, you will have a better grip on your life and you will adorn your body with marks of yoga as a sign of your happiness.
A culture of people immersed in that consciousness will have towns, so-called ashrams, with high rising elegant and harmonious buildings specially designed for and by the devoted people who, adorned with gems, flowers and jewelry, look as attractive as a sky filled with glowing stars. The women of that nature conscious and harmonious, nonviolent culture, constitute the paragon of such a welfare and are therefore full of reverence devoted to the Glorified Person of Magnificence in their service of the ideals He stands for. I was in such a refuge and saw there the Lord of the entire community of devotees, the Lord of such goddesses of wellbeing and welfare, the Lord of the Universe, the Lord of sacrifice, the Almighty One in person standing before me, surrounded by His most prominent companions. With a blissful smile on His face He was most contented with His servants who full of love cherished the enchanting smile of His face that was encircled by a great aura of hair like it was an adorning helmet. He wore an orange robe, every day new, and blessed many of the persons before Him with materializations of His grace. He also accepted at times, the folded hands reaching out to Him with letters of request, of both the with earrings and in colorful saris clad, adorned women and the men who were all dressed in white, together sitting in front of Him in a semi-circle being separated from each other. Inside the temple He  first invited small groups for an interview and thereafter worshipably sat on a throne while the devotees sitting on the floor before Him followed Him in singing the by Him initiated bhajans, His devotional songs. Thus they in His company [His darshan] enjoyed His fourfold principles [His matter, person cosmic intelligence and ego], sixteenfold elements [His ten perceiving and acting senses, His material basic elements and His mind], fivefold forces  [His form, touch, smell, sound and taste] and His special, sometimes manifested, gifts [His so-called siddhis, His miracles].
Seeing Him in His full glory, in full self-knowledge with Him looking me in the eye, I instantly brimmed with ecstasy and divine love and was overwhelmed by joy. Thus I fell for the lotus feet of Him, the Creator of the Universe, the feet that constitute the path to be followed by the liberated soul. He deemed me, as a trained, experienced brahmin present before Him, worthy to engage under His lead in words, writing and deeds to the interest of all living beings. With a mild smile around His mouth He addressed me in an interview with beautiful words. He touched me with His hand and spoke to me.
The Supreme Lord said: 'I am not as much pleased by people resorting to false forms of uniting. The true uniting is in the spirit of course, in the consciousness of the true self, and that requires prolonged penance. It is by consciously turning away from worldly affairs that Vedic knowledge accumulated in you who wish to serve Me creatively. So let Me bless you, tell Me what you need and I will fulfill your wishes, dear creative man, because reaching Me constitutes the purpose of everyone's penances. I granted you this enviable vision of My abode because you listened submissively to Me when you in seclusion decided to be of the highest penance. It was Me who told you to do penance in that situation because you did not know how to proceed with your life. That penance constitutes My heart and Soul, and that is what I then am for each who surrenders to it, oh man free from sin. By means of that penance I maintain the entire creation and also put an end to it that way. My might and power you find in your consequent repentance.'
I thereupon said to Him: 'Oh Supreme One, You, from within everyone's heart, direct all men. Because of Your omniscience nobody can hide from You what he does. But can You clarify how I must understand that You, Yourself not being embodied, both can reside in the beyond ànd be present in some or another form? How could You, from Yourself and with Yourself, in combining Yourself with the material energy, develop Your different potencies in relation to the basic qualities of the generation, preservation and destruction of creation? Master of All Energies, fully determined You play, like a spider in its web, infallibly Your game of time with investing Your energy. Let me understand how You do that. And in case I learn about it from You as my teacher and then engage as Your instrument, I pray not to get entangled therein. By touching me with Your hand like being Your friend, You accepted me as someone capable of directing the lives of others. When others because of my actions then find a better life in Your service, I beg You to keep me far removed from pride and arrogance.'
The Supreme Lord said: 'Do what I tell you and be of devotional service unto Me with everything thereto. Only when you engage like that, this most confidential bond with Me will carry the fruit of a happy and stable consciousness and likewise human society. It is because of My grace that one can arrive at both the knowledge of My appearances and activities, and the knowledge of My transcendental presence. I existed before this creation came about and nothing could be seen, when there was no question of any cause and effect in relation to something higher. It is also Me who remains after everything has disappeared again. That is what I am. Everything owes its value to Me, without Me all of matter is meaningless. The material world is but a backdrop offering nothing but darkness without Me. One can compare My being with the atoms that are incredibly small at the one hand but at the other hand constitute the entire cosmos. So too I am both most subtly present, and present as something huge and all-embracing like a separate dimension. You thus can discover Me in everyone and everything and that is why someone who seriously considers Me, the true nature of things, as a subject of study, will search in both the direct contact with factual reality, and by comparison from a certain perspective, belief, philosophy or theory. If you hold on to this notion of Me as the essence of filognosy, you will never lose your way, not during your lifetime nor at the end of your life.' "

Seeker: "Thank you very much for this story about your personal encounter with the Supreme Lord. What happened to you and this knowledge after this?"

Teacher: "After the Person of All Persons had explained to me what the essence is of my bond with Him and what the core is of His being, He amazingly disappeared from my life. He did not want to start a new religion around His person. He only wanted to strengthen everybody in his own conviction and development. After my visit to His ashram I returned home and experienced no hindrances whatsoever in further realizing my devotion unto the Person of All Emancipation and Beatitude my own way. I from my own vision and sense of dharmic duty wanted, with the vow and practices of yoga, to dedicate myself to the matter of the wellbeing of all living beings on this globe. You, dear seeker, who makes me so happy with your questions, are yourself the one who with your good conduct, your faithfulness, reticence, modesty and kindness, stimulated me to dilate, for this modern time and the therein wandering human being, about in particular the Lord of Maintenance and the culture of His devotees in bhakti yoga. You were reinforced by my gladness about your association and thus posed many questions, the same way I also submitted my questions to the Lord of All Blessedness.
This story about the Leading Person of All Times, the Lord of All Opulences, the Fortunate One, was, as I said in Inspiration 2.7b, written down by the Indian philosopher Vyāsadeva. He as a family member of the ruling Vedic nobility in those days was a direct witness of the essential avatāra constituted by Kṛṣṇa together with His brother Balarāma as the turning point in the history of mankind between the classical age of the great kings of Vedic nobility and the modern time of political quarrel with all its channa-avatāras. From this philosopher this story was delivered by his son Śukadeva who as the first devotee passed it on to the sages of his time in order to form and support their devotion. In the course of the following millennia these sages constituted the disciplic successions responsible for modern day Vaishnavism taking care of this book and wherefrom I also drew my  light. I will now, following this story handed down, the Story of the Fortunate One, try to answer your questions about the Universal Form of the Original Person and other matters you asked about, in such a manner that everyone living today can become aware of the importance, the essence and the truth of His factual personal presence as the lead in our lives."

Source for this Inspiration:
S.B. Canto 2, Chapter 9

The Person

De Persoon

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