Below is offered a download link for an epub file of the entire e-book of The Person counting about 280 pages if it would be printed (we provide no pdf for printing this book though).

Why is this book offered for free?

This kind of literature is what one could call donationware. Financially we depend on donations to support our work. Spiritual information like this is not to be sold and commercialized. The type of copyright for this book is called Creative Commons (type CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This is the copyright to share cultural and spiritual knowledge about our common cultural inheritance, so as to offer free access for everyone. It belongs to your birthright as a human being. It applies e.g. to Wikipedia information and to classical sacred texts as the Bhāgavata Purāṇa this book is derived from. All literature derived from this copyright also resorts under a likewise arrangement. What one actually should pay is attention. That is the payment that is absolutely required. Bhakti means devotional service free from ulterior motives.
But the fact is that if we do not receive donations for our work, we have to apply for other support. Not wishing to depend on government support we would have to go begging. Begging and vagrancy are allowed spiritually, but are actually forbidden in many cultures of this world we are part of. That makes legal dependency inevitable without your support. This type of legally arranged dependency out of need is unfavorable because the government makes demands for providing what one also calls the dole or charity, for as long as basic incomes based upon equal civil and human rights have not been achieved. Till then they in principle can force one to do menial (slave) labor, strange to one's nature, leaving little or no time and energy left to do this type of voluntary labor. They claim your life and drag you into all kinds of impure spheres if they want to and that is exactly the opposite of what we strive for in self-realization. One of the demands formally made in exchange for the dole is that one does one's best to acquire money by means of delivering some type of paid service. In this case of spiritual service one should not be motivated for the 'fruits of labor' though, the money it might bring, for that simply builds up karma - profit-minded labor - that creates a hindrance. The spiritual purpose is to diminish karma and increase dharma - e.g. voluntary labor. Because of karmic 'I' and 'mine' claims on everything material, the people on this planet have less access to the services and goods available and are subdued to dishonorable material demands, so that finding liberation in 'unmotivated' devotional service becomes impossible.
Hence we here urge you to consider this before you download this book. Think of first making a (regular) donation in exchange for the regular (or incidental) use of our services here and at But indeed, if you think our service does not deserve such a compensation from your side, then leave us to the caprices of the government. Our association will thus be less enlightened and spiritually positive, to which I then would have to say that we failed to properly serve the cause and the devotees. But as yet this is not the case, we are keeping up our services here for more than 16 years now, stable under the protection of His divine grace. I hope all of you may join in and enduringly support and enjoy this freedom and service all together so that we may have a better world.

We as devotees all together have to take responsibility
for the independence of our devotional activities and thus constitute a lead,
a beacon of enlightenment and liberation, in the global community.

Therefore please, first

thus by Pay.Pal or else by bank transfer
and then download the epub of The Person.

For more downloads, see the download page.

The Person

De Persoon

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